Flight 666 TV Ad (HD)

Enquanto o DVD, blu-ray, CD, ou qualquer que seja o tipo de mídia, não chega por nossas terras, curtam este ad em HD, fresquinho do forno do metal:

Compartilho também, abaixo, o último comunicado sobre a pré-venda do filme e itens relacionados pela What Records:


Hi there Eduardo,

Just to let you know that I had the Iron Maiden stock in late yesterday. It arrived and so did the biggest hail storm in history. Moving 49 boxes of Iron Maiden’s new album amid huge chunks of ice falling from the skies seemed to be very fitting although the delivery guy was less impressed!!!

We stareted to despatch immediately and some of you may well get your album this morning. Its a bank holiday in the UK Monday but we do expect to have everything despatched by Tuesday. We are still waiting for the US releases as they don’t come out till June 6th. We do expect them earlier than that date.

I will be posting the names of the T-shirt winners in another mail early next week. Remember I’m giving 20 T-shirts away at random.

Also as a thank you I’ve just added the very latest T-shirts to our site and I have reduced the price on them to £7.99. This price will be held until Monday.

And finally, please keep a note of your order numbers for any Iron Maiden items you order from us. Your loyality will be rewarded.

Thanks again for your support.

For more information on the new T-Shirts please click the link below.

I’m back to packing but I’ll leave you with a quote from Maiden, ‘Our fans are amazing, the best fans in the World’..Can’t argue with that.





[ ] ‘ s,


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