Pré-venda na Inglaterra: Flight 666

Pessoal, compartilho com vocês a mensagem do Tim da loja “What Records UK”, que recebo periodicamente com os principais lançamentos do rock, mas principalmente do Maiden.

Vejam que, apesar de ser somente semana que vem a estreia oficial do filme, como vimos aqui, aqui e aqui, a pré-venda dele já está disponível (e eu já vou me mexer, claro). Para os mais apressadinhos como eu, cuidado apenas com regiões de DVD e zonas de blu-ray para não comprarem coisas incompatíveis. Na dúvida, melhor esperar até mais tarde, como ele mesmo fala no texto abaixo:

Flight 666: pré-venda

Flight 666: pré-venda

Hi there Eduardo,

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to get invited to a preview of a new film being released, the film was Flight 666.

All I can say is that it was amazing.

It was great to see the band performing, there is some fantastic comical moments and some really philosophical thoughts about what Maiden are and what they mean to their fans particularly those oppressed in certain countries.

Equally exciting for me was to see the fans. For years I have supplied you with Iron Maiden releases and so it was great to see some faces I recognised and others I didn’t. The connection between everyone is that we all support the best band in the world and that band was about to perform an amazing set.

It is obvious why they are the best and they are superstars but you’d never guess. These guys are in it for the right reasons and just love to perform and that is why they are the tops. Eat your heart out NME, Rolling Stone..Maiden are the Best.

The Concert and Soundtrack are being released on 25th April on Blu-ray, 2DVD Set, A very Limited 2DVD Set+Book, 2CD and of course a Limited Edition Double Vinyl Set.

I have added these to our website.

I am waiting for a price on the US DVD and US Blu-ray and I hope to add these to the site later today. So I suggest if you need US NTSC version of these then order later.

As always thanks in advance for your support.



A pré-venda pode ser conferida aqui (justamente quando eu estava tentando me recuperar das altíssimas despesas com ingressos de shows)…

[ ] ‘ s,


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7 respostas

  1. Nada ainda do Blu-Ray americano. Mas o F5 continua com durex!



  2. Atenção: novo e-mail recebido sobre o US blu-ray:

    Hi there Eduardo Bianchi Rolim,

    Just to give you the latest on Flight 666.

    As most of you noticed I did put the wrong release date. In my excitement I put April instead of May. Probably too much pop the night before.

    I’ve now added the US Blu-ray and DVD set to the site.

    I can confirm that the Double Vinyl Picture Disc and the Special 2DVD Book Set will be limited. Probably all going on pre sell. I can confirm that What Records orders will get full allocation and will not be cut back in the case of the release being oversold so you are guaranteed to get what your order.

    Promos for the release? Afraid I’ve not seen one myself but I have some extra T-shirts I can give away. So I’ll pick 19 fans at random who will receive a free T and Mr Nuno Martins who will get a T-shirt as he was the first fan to get his order in. (Sad guy must spend all day on his computer..only joking!)

    I am also trying to get some button badges as an extra to give away too.

    Thanks as always for your support.

    UP THE IRONS!!!!




  3. Tirei o durex do F5, o BD está a caminho!!

    Tks Edu pelo aviso!

    [ ]s


  4. Olhem os mais vendidos da loja (top 5 deles):

    – Flight 666 The Film & The Concert Deluxe 2DVD+Book – Iron Maiden
    – Flight 666 UK Limited Edition Deluxe Double Picture Disc Set – Iron Maiden
    – Flight 666 2CD The Soundtrack – Iron Maiden
    – Flight 666 The Film & The Concert UK Version Blu-ray – Iron Maiden
    – Flight 666 The Film & The Concert 2DVD UK – Iron Maiden




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